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Under 17 Driving Academy Training | Young Car Drivers

Driving Lessons

Who Can Drive?

Just because you cannot drive on the road until you are 17 does not mean that you cannot get into a car and practice beforehand. Driving on private land is legal. Our driving experience, run by one of Hampshire's most experienced driving instructors and designed for 14-17 year olds, will allow under 17s to learn the basics of driving.

Driving Basics

Driving one of the latest dual controlled instructor cars with one on one tuition from a fully government qualified driving instructor, the under 17 will learn everything from starting and accelerating to braking, manoevring and reverse parking, all on a laid out course. Confidence building is the aim and we certainly achieve it.
Payment For Driving Lessons

Car Lessons

Parents can come and watch and one adult can sit in the rear seat and observe the lesson if desired. The driver should be a minimum age of 14 and a minimum height of 1.5 metres. The lesson is one hour in length and includes a before and after briefing and debrief. The pace of the lesson is dependent on the student's skill level.